Adult Workshop Program

Adult Workshops

New Ground conducts a variety of workshops to benefit the adults participating in our LTHP, JSP and Veterans Program.  We focus on increasing skills in many important areas and building self-esteem.  Transportation, child care and dinner are provided, thereby making these programs easily accessible by removing common barriers to participation.  While the topics described below are relevant for most they are critically important to the population we serve.

Here are just a few of our current Workshops:

  • Bullying 101 – assisting parents with understanding all forms of bullying
  • Back To School – empowering parents to best help their children do well in school
  • Extreme Couponing – tips to help stretch every dollar when shopping for the household
  • Budgeting Basics – learning to live within very tight means
  • Credit Reports 101 – the importance of, how to understand, how to improve
  • Parenting 101 – tips to help parents best raise children of all ages
  • Stress Management – how to stay positive despite all of life’s many pressures
  • Financial Literacy – managing bank accounts, credit cards, credit scores & more
  • Nutrition 101 – feeding your family healthy options while on a tight budget

New Ground program staff designs new workshops to meet the ever changing needs of our residents.  These Workshops are presented either directly by New Ground staff or by other professionals with expertise specific to the topic, providing the best possible information to our parents and veterans.