Career Development Program

James & Mary Jo Cowan Career Development Program

The James & Mary Jo Cowan Career Development Program provides assistance in all aspects of Employment and Career Readiness. This program is a key component of the work New Ground does with the homeless Veterans and families in the program. While many parents and Veterans are working when they come to us, due to low wages and the high cost of living in our community, they are unable to afford market rent.

The program assists individuals that are unemployed, underemployed, or those looking to further career and professional development. This includes assistance with creation of resumes, referrals to local career service agencies, review of websites and techniques to launch an effective employment search and practice of strong interviewing skills.  Social Workers help to determine interests through a self assessment and strategize with individuals to determine a potential career path, including helping to match candidates with prospective employers. There is also an emphasis put on the feasibility of completion of necessary courses or trainings as well as identifying funding resources to support the Veterans and parents going through said training.

Below is a list of Career Development Program services to help Veterans and parents realize and achieve their employment goals:

  • Create an individualized Career Development Plan
  • Generate a state of the art resume incorporating all current standards and expectations
  • Practice and develop strong interviewing skills
  • Learn the latest websites and techniques to launch a comprehensive employment search as well as navigate the local job market landscape
  • Gain referrals to local Career Service Agencies with the most current job leads in various employment sectors
  • Explore individual employment values and personal styles to determine best career options
  • Realize employment goals