We Need Your Support More Than Ever Before!








I sincerely hope this finds you and your loved ones healthy and safe.  Long before the Coronavirus came to Long Island, New Ground’s Veterans and families were suffering and needed help. Unfortunately, their struggles have been exacerbated by the current situation and your support is needed now more than ever.

We are all facing unprecedented challenges now. But our homeless and low-income neighbors have been some of the hardest hit. They have no safety net. How can you shelter at home when you don’t have a stable place to call home?

Those still employed are often front-line workers and at the greatest risk, like Tara, a single mom in our program and an aide in a nursing home. After years of exhausting, per-diem work, Tara was offered full-time employment. This was the opportunity she worked so hard for and she was thrilled! But then the unthinkable happened. A few weeks later Tara became very ill and tested positive for the dreaded COVID-19 virus. Terrified for herself and her young son, and with little support nearby, she made the agonizing decision to leave her son with her elderly grandfather, hoping neither became stricken with the horrible virus.












Our education advocacy work is now expanded to offer services to more homeless students across Long Island. Our goal is to help as many in need as possible! With our experience helping those in financial crisis, if you know of someone who has been particularly hard hit by all of this, please consider us as a resource. Because we know that a caring community is the strongest foundation for truly helping people get back on their feet. On behalf of our Veterans, parents and children, thank you for your support!

With gratitude,

Shannon Boyle Executive Director

P.S. You can have a lasting effect on Veterans, parents and children, like Tara and her son. Together, with your donation and our experience helping those in financial and emotional crisis, we can help so many people across Long Island.