Family Programs

Family Programs:


Since 1991, New Ground has been helping homeless families and Veteran families on Long Island to Break the Cycle of Homelessness and Poverty, eventually obtaining permanent stable housing and future independence.  We provide intensive social work and education to families placed in reduced-cost housing to assist the parents, youth and children in achieving goals in areas of employment, financial literacy, education, career development, parenting, basic life skills, education advocacy, and more.

In the Long Term Housing Program (LTHP) New Ground meets the family’s basic nutritional and physical needs upon first entering the program.  Each family is placed in long-term, affordable, low-income housing.  For the next three to five years, New Ground provides all the educational, vocational, and counseling services as well as basic needs and general support through our intensive social work and education services for all family members.

The JumpStart Program (JSP) was launched in 2012 to provide our critical services to a larger number of homeless families waiting for placement in the LTHP. Each family also works closely with a social worker to get a “JumpStart” on their goals in education, financial literacy, employment, parenting and other life skills before entering the LTHP. But in recent years, JSP families have successfully worked to overcome all barriers preventing stability and graduated from this program directly into permanent housing.

A primary social worker is assigned to all families in both the LTHP and JSP when they start with us.  This worker sees the family weekly to assist with all needs. New Ground meets parents where they are, assesses all possible issues preventing them from achieving independence, and begins working on these barriers one by one to eliminate them.  Through this empowerment model, our families achieve success.

Early on, work includes ensuring overall safety and stability for the family.  As the family acclimates to having a stable home and greater support system, they begin to take steps toward their program goals to achieve future self-sufficiency and independence.  Goals include completing higher education for the parents, academic success for the children, budgeting and debt reduction, better employment opportunities, increasing household income, and improving skills in parenting, money management, nutrition, and other life skills.  New Ground social workers provide guidance, resources and assistance in all of these areas.

For New Ground families, the hope of breaking the cycle of homelessness lies in working with both the children and adults.  To accomplish this, New Ground focuses on traditional education goals for school programs as well as nontraditional areas of learning such as financial literacy, as this proves to be the way out of poverty now and for future generations.  At New Ground, our motto is We Educate, We Empower!

Since opening our doors in 1991:

  • Over 82% of all families in the Long Term Housing Program achieved all or most of their outlined goals and secured permanent stable housing of their own upon leaving the program.
  • 100% of families increased their household income while in the Long Term Housing Program.
  • Each June, 98 – 100% of all school age children were promoted and / or graduated to the next grade level alongside their permanently housed peers.

If you are a family on Long Island experiencing homelessness or you know someone in need, please contact us at 516-564-4764